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Tuesday 190820 Every 10 Minutes…

Here is a big one from about eight months ago: once the clock starts, it keeps running!  Get 100 pull-ups as fast as you can and post that time, rest the remainder of that 10 minute block. If you don’t finish 100 pull-ups in 10 minutes… Simply write down how many pull-ups you get before the 10 minute cut off. Then at the 10 minute mark, continue on to see how many burpees you can get in 10 minutes. Follow that template through the sit ups and rowing.  Make sure you compare your score to the time we did this back in January.
Congrats David for passing your CrossFit Level 2 trainee course/exam a few weeks ago in AZ. We knew you would.
Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
“Every 10 Minutes”
On a 40 minute running clock complete, each for time on the 10 minute mark:
100 pull ups, post time and rest up until the 10 minute mark and then move to,
100 burpees, post time and rest until the 10 minute mark and then move to,
100 strict butterfly sit ups, post time and rest until 10 minute mark and then move to,
100 calorie row, post time and cheer on your friends finishing up!
-each movement is cut off at 10 minutes, if you get cut off, post how many reps you had at the cutoff and then move on to the next movement
Compare to Jan 11 2019
Tuesday’s 5pm Open Training Hour

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