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Friday 190816 2 Rounder

Last week we had a double under WOD that incorporated some penalties. This week, we have another novel penalty/set-breaking activity that adds some burpees to an otherwise burpee-free workout. In each round, you will do 100 double unders (or 200 singles) and automatically do a single burpee after each set of 25 (or after 50 singles). You must also do a single burpee after each missed rep. This is a method of trying to throw off your rhythm and concentration in a moderately complex motor skill. And it will! Just deal with it and get through it as fast as you can 🙂 I mean, it’s Friday- it can’t be that bad.
Braden has a way of making these look really easy.
Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 3 and 5pm
Two rounds for time of:
50 strict ab mat sit ups
75 Russian KB swings (32/24kg)
100 double unders (single burpee after each set of 25 reps AND after each missed rep)*
Post time and scaling
Friday’s 4pm Open Training Hour

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