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Friday 190726 Three Parts

Welcome back Andy! The wound is all healed up and it is time for Andy to start scaling and modifying group WODs so that his General Physical Preparedness can be maintained as his new, bionic knee acclimates to its new home. Orthopedic surgeons say it takes about a year to be “back to normal” after a replacement surgery like this but what to do in the meantime? Do PT on the knee to get it back up to speed while sitting on the couch eating bon bons? I should say not… work on weaknesses and increase capacity in those movements where improvement is still possible, irrespective of the healing joint. We scaling and modify WODs each and every training session- for many reasons- and Andy is going to keep coming back. When the knee is completely ready… he will be hitting the ground running at full stride (figuratively speaking of course).
For Andy, and all of us at the Hut… it’s a way of life.
Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 3 and 5pm
Three Parts, each with strict time limits:
I) Power clean, 15 minutes to heaviest 3 rep set
II) Turkish get up, 10 minutes to 1RM on both sides
III) For time (with a 5 minute cut off): 10-1, 1-10 reps of jumping squats and push ups
Post load, load and time to chalkboard/journals
Compare TGU 1RM to June 5 2017, March 22 2017, Jan 6 2016- put current PR on white board
Friday Open Training Hour at 4pm
Saturday BIG WOD 9:30am

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