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Wednesday 190717 Tough Couplet

For ME… wall ball shots and pull ups are a happy place. Well, not really. My actual happy place (or at least one of them) exists in a zone that starts where the sand at Zuma Beach meets up with the Pacific Ocean and ends roughly 50m offshore. There is no effort, just pure “good-ness.” No mind over matter, no negotiations, no self-doubt, no questions.
I’ll do my best to visit that place at some point today… when I am standing under a 10′ target and a pull up bar with my hands on my knees, looking down at an orange medicine ball, breathing hard, wondering if I am on round 2 or 3.
Do what you can to create a happy place within today’s 5 round couplet
Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Five round for time of:
25 wall ball shots (20/14#, to 10’/9′ target)
20 pull ups
Post time and scaling/modifications
Compare to July 11, 2018
Wednesday 5pm Strength Class
Snatch grip deadlift and hang power snatch

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