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Wednesday 190626 Back Squat 5/3/1

The intent of the back squat strength workout today might be a bit different than you think. Here is a question for you: when you first looked at the WOD and saw the string of numbers (555333111)… did your brain immediately go to trying to remember your 1 rep maximum back squat? If so (and I would put some money on it that most of us thought that!), it means that you likely viewed the intention of today’s WOD as attempting to set a 1RM back squat. And if so, you were not completely incorrect. But you were only partially correct.
Take a look at the next line that directs you to record some data related to your performance today. Yes, the 531. Today you are asked to record the heaviest sets of 5 reps, of 3 reps and then of 1 rep. This means that the intention of the workout is to first squat as much as you can for 5 reps. Then do the same for 3. And then finally for a single rep.
The intent of today’s WOD is to back squat as much as possible for 5 reps. Then to work up the heaviest that you can for 3 reps (*yes you will be fatigued from the 5 rep attempts and eventually the 3 rep attempts!), and finally… you get the drill. Under the fatigue from the previous volume of squats- see how much you can squat for a single rep. Perhaps you’ll set a new 1RM. Maybe- but MAYBE you can set new 5, 3, AND 1 rep maximums! But the REAL intention is simply to squat heavy and get stronger. Have fun and work hard!
Dusty and Scott race to the bottom with some partner thrusters last Saturday
Wednesday’s WOD at  6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Back Squat
Post heaviest 5/3/1 loads
Wednesday 5pm Specialty Session- Underground Strength

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