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Thursday 190620 Handstand Walk and Power Cleans

How could this NOT be your favorite WOD of the week? Sure I understand that for us mortal CrossFitters it is a seemingly impossible task to do 200 feet of handstand walking AND 36 heavyish power cleans in the span of a single day, let alone in a one hour class session! But it is undeniable how FUN it can be to continue to learn difficult gymnastics skills AND become more powerful with that barbell. So even if you are TOTALLY intimidated by the prescribed “requirements” of today’s workout- please remind yourself that there will be LESS than a handful of individuals who even attempt to Rx this one today. We are more like YOU than we are like CrossFit Games athletes! Have FUN and improve just a LITTLE bit today.
Peekaboo Peter as he becomes one of a few athletes who PRd with a deadlift of just over 200kg last Friday. Way to go!
Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
For time complete:
100ft handstand walk
9 power cleans (70/55kg)
75ft handstand walk
12 power cleans
50ft handstand walk
15 power cleans
25ft handstand walk
Post time and scaling
Thursday’s 5pm Open Training Hour

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