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Friday 190524 Heavy 3’s

Yes, there were thrusters on Wednesday… and today is Friday, any questions? First of all… if you do have questions or are curious about our programming then feel free to ask. It is fun to discuss why I program the way I do. If you have ever been to a class with me while Jerome is doing the workout- you will definitely here more than a bit of talk regarding theory and practice of our programming (spoiler alert- he asks a fair amount of questions regarding the topic!) Next, for those of you who have been around a while- you have seen that the method might not be perfectly clear upon observation- but the experience speaks for itself: a good deal of improvement for all and a balanced number of PRs for those who continue to show up and put in the work. Each person will have some dry periods and then perhaps reach the next level (with name on the chalkboard for the month and some new numbers on the whiteboard) after some alterations in diet, rest, stress, etc. The programming is the vehicle that provides a pathway to improvement. The athlete is the driver that puts in the mileage, races the course, provides the fuel, and keeps the wheels on straight. I believe that we, at CrossFit Malibu, have a tried and true system of managing the streets/freeways for those of you on the way to your destination!
Mikaela showing the 9am class “the ropes” with some practice on the foot work of rope climbs
Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 3 and 5pm
Front squat 3-3-3
Push press 3-3-3
Thruster 3-3-3
Post heaviest load for each movement
Friday’s 4pm Open Training Hour
Saturday BIG WOD 9:30am

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