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Tuesday 190319 Clean and Jerk

About 2 months ago John joined us at CrossFit Malibu to start training in a new way. He is no stranger to physical activity- a college swimmer at Indiana and then a Navy SEAL from the late 60’s- John has always maintained his sense of adventure and his level of fitness. Over his esteemed career as a masters swimmer, he has won over 500 individual medals for his accomplishments. However, after the fires FOUR months ago, he had not yet set foot in the pool… only a few days/week of CrossFit workouts. When he returned to the pool on Sunday for a local competition… it was like he hadn’t missed a training day! He went five-for-five with first places… a true sweep of all his events. Once he gets back in the pool to combine the general physical preparedness he is getting with CrossFit, PLUS some time being wet and horizontal… there’s not going to be a race he won’t win! Congrats John!

John sporting 5 new gold medals from this weekend’s Masters Swim meet in Thousand Oaks

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Power clean and Jerk

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