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Tuesday 190212 Three Parts

Saturday’s long, wet, (light) sled push turned out to be a bit more challenging than most anticipated. No more than 35# load, out and back for a total of 80m ended up being far more draining on athletes than first imagined. The 5 rounder was complemented with some Russian KB swings and a 400/300m row sprint- and by the end of the 4th round most decided it was time4 to be done. These Saturday WODs are a bit on the experimental side- one of a few ways in which they vary from the regular work week WODs. Usually they are partner or team oriented and involved some sort of strategy or integration of team work to complete the challenge. If you have never attended a Saturday BIG WOD… then consider getting in here for one this coming weekend.

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
3 Parts
Gymnastics Skill Work- muscle up
30 Manmakers for time (45/30#)
500m row for PR attempt (compare to July 10th 2018)
Post MM time/load and row PR 

Tuesday’s 5pm Open Training Hour

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