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Wednesday 190130 Deficit Deadlifts

A Plea for Timeliness

Reflecting back on the attendance for the past few days of classes there is a obvious pattern that has emerged. MOST participants in each class session on Monday and Tuesday were more than 5 minutes late. Many were more than 9 minutes late. Granted- admittedly our clock is constantly reset to be one minute faster than “iPhone time” to ensure that we, as coaches get the class off to a timely start. But the point being- we as a coaching staff feel that late arrival to group class has become a significant issue that reflects negatively on the quality of instruction in our training sessions.

My personal, long-time view on lateness is one that takes into consideration the fact that EVERYONE has a lot of things going on and the fact that one shows up late occasionally is MUCH preferred over deciding not to attend a group class. There are many gyms who provide negative reinforcement for late-comers in the form of penalty burpees or punitive distances to be completed on the rower prior to joining the group yet I can’t reconcile handling tardiness that way. The best method I can think of to spark a change is simply telling you all that the negative effects of lateness in recent weeks has been compromising the teaching timeline of classes on a daily basis. Decreasing the teaching time, particularly the skill delivery and scaling/modification portion of group classes takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Cutting this time back is not an option- as it is critical to the safety and efficacy of instruction. Being on time to get sufficiently warmed up to take part in the entirety of this aspect of the class is necessary and vital. Please be on time.

Construction back ups, new traffic signals, parking issues will all continue to be an issue in the Cross Creek area. This will likely only get worse and never get any better. Please do what is necessary to adapt to our hard-start time of “top of the hour” for each and every group class. Thanks very much. Any questions or comments appreciated.

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Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Deficit deadlifts
Post heaviest 3 rep set

Wednesday 5pm Specialty Class- Underground Strength

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