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Tuesday 190122 Overhead Squat 3RM

How much sleep do you need to get to be happy, healthy and productive on a long-term, regular basis? I know you are a successful, busy individual… and that you have burned the candle at both ends during heavy periods of work making hay while the sun shines. But how much do you need to thrive over the long haul? My thought on the topic is that if you head out on a week’s vacation and sleep 12 hours each day with a nap in the afternoon… then there must be some imbalance in day-to-day life. And if you are an early to bed, early to rise kind of individual who DOES get sufficient sleep in a  sustainable manner, then you are likely up at the same time every day without an alarm clock- even on vacation.

Even if you are not doing the Whole Life Challenge, try out some work on your sleep patterns and see if it can have a positive overall effect on your well being, health, and even performance in training. Some ideas to help start you off are: try and go to bed within the same 15 minute window each night and wake up at the same time every day. Yes, even if you only have to be at work at 6am three days per week and the rest of the week it is 7am (I’m talking about ME here…) still try to get up at 5am to be consistent in your patterns. This can guarantee the same amount of hours (whether that is 7-8-or-9, etc… doesn’t matter because it likely varies so much per person). And it might matter a lot to shut down screens and any problem solving tasks as far away from bedtime as possible as well- to try and keep the inner rumination to a minimum when the head hits the pillow. Finally, try some breath work, meditation or quiet time… sort of the other end of the spectrum from the slowing down the chaos side of things. Sweet dreams. Don’t let the overhead squats keep you up tonight, Andy.

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Overhead Squat
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