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Friday 181214 Front Squat 1RM+

It is definitely a bitter sweet occasion FOR ME  in congratulating Holden and Priscilla on their retirement from about 30 years of teaching at Pepperdine in the sports medicine department. After 3 decades in Malibu- and about 30% of that time spent with us at CrossFit Malibu, I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say that we will truly miss their consistent presence among us at the Hut.  To say that their level of commitment to their various communities is impressive is an accurate statement. However, it somehow misses the mark. In reflecting on it, I feel that this is because their devotion to God, family, friends, students, and health is a commitment of deep love rather than that of obligation. I have observed and been a part of their lives in many ways since 1988; as a sports medicine student in their classes, as a coworker in the natural science division and as a coach here at the Hut. In each circumstance I have seen Holden and Priscilla cultivate this ability to care so completely about the people around them and in a way that is so intentional. Something I have learned from them is that maintaining so many responsibilities at such a high level takes discipline and is a consistent practice. The super special aspect that they bring to this is the amount of love and care with which they do it.

Holden and Priscilla… there is much more to say about how much you have added to my life and that of my family. Thankfully, there is still so much time left to say it… see you in Colorado sometime soon! We, at the Hut, will miss you here!

After class yesterday- final WOD at the Hut after 9 years!

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