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Thursday Update

Hi all – it’s been a day or so since posting anything here. Just wanted to give you a quick and short update… As you probably know evacuation has been lifted for a couple of East Malibu area and at this point it extends up to corral. Of course, check the updates with the city of MALIBU, Los Angeles times Twitter feed is exceptionally helpful. Anyone on This group that needs anything whether you’re here or in Malibu or outside Malibu… Please post and we’ll see if we can take care of your needs right here.

There is tons of work going on all over Malibu most notably Edison trucks putting in new power poles and transmission stations. The gas company, frontier, and utility trucks are everywhere. Fire trucks are still cruising around but have decreased greatly in number… Now you can find sheriff cars on almost every inlet to and from Pacific Coast Highway making sure homes are safe.

I will leave it at that as there are a lot of different voices out there giving you information. If you have any questions at all I can go into a lot of detail so don’t be afraid to ask. If it’s Private feel free to message me directly.

Finally- thanks for all of the offers of help from so many people. We are in roughly double digits of CrossFit Malibu athletes whose homes were lost… And of course Hundreds lost all over Malibu. Every single resident of Malibu will have a Close friend who has lost their house. Everyone will be affected DIRECTLY.

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