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Wednesday Update 181114

PCH has a hard closure at Puerco Canyon blocking any westbound travel. If you cross that point by vehicle going east you won’t get that vehicle back west thru that point again. That was as of today- Friday-when tried at 3am. Officers were cordial as I parked and walked up to talk- and they said it was a hard closure and to try back when it gets light. Having said that, once I did a U-turn to head west, another patrol car parked about 50 yards to the west on the northbound side of PCH waved me over to stop and ask how I “got through the hard closure. When I told him that I didn’t go through it I just turned around because the officer said OK he stated, “well you weren’t supposed to do that”. He did wave me a way to let me keep going however.

The officers said that it might be “soft” in the morning and they could permit crossing back and forth by car at that time for those Who have “stayed” on the west side of Malibu. My assumption is that when they opened East Malibu for repopulation up to corral Canyon… This was the line drawn, as there aren’t any houses technically Speaking between the small neighborhood at Puerco and the stop sign at Corral Canyon.
There is a patrol car stationed at the west end of The “Old” Road that will prevent going westbound on Malibu Road and doubling back to go west on PCH. It took them a long time to figure out that small loophole, but it is blocked now.
Driving around late last night it looked to me as if power has been restored on let it go shore Drive and in the Tivoli cove complex. Christmas lights are shining at Geoffreys restaurant… That’s a good sign that Edison is getting a lot done.
If you are in the Cross creek Road area of Malibu does it look like you can drive freely from PCH down Cross creek and into the yard behind Anawalt lumber where CrossFit Malibu is located? If there is access to that point from people in East Malibu, then we will start bringing people in to meet up, talk, start organizing and to lift (clean, squat, snatch, etc… air too dirty for met-cons!)

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