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Friday Fire 181109

Most of us haven’t ever had to deal with anything like this as individuals. I am HOPEFUL about how we will rise up to the challenge because we will be handling this not just as individuals and families but as a community. The write-up I did a few days ago about STRENGTH will bear itself out over the coming days, weeks and even years. It will take a lot. We’ve all lost something- as false as it feels now- we’ve lost the “security” we once felt in having safe physical shelter.

You need strength… many types for many purposes

I’ve been going through a mental map of people I know, of the crossfit malibu community- where you, where we all live- and trying to determine who was hit and who was spared. It’s heartbreaking. It’s confirmed that our own Dume Drive rental property was completed burned to the ground, along with houses of at least 4 of our immediate neighbors. But miraculously One of them has an out-building that was completely spared. We won’t know the extent of damage until everything settles, but the winds are not over yet. They are picking up through Sunday.
I’m optimistic about our mobile home in Point Dume Club. Most of the Park has been spared and I’m hopeful that we will have a place for home base as we face the future. I have- and sure you have too- been in contact with dozens of people via text and phone and no word on any physical injuries to people or animals. I have heard other stories about houses assumed gone that are still standing. We will just have to wait and see.
My heart goes outs to all of you have already confirmed that you’ve lost your house. I’m so deeply sorry. I hope we can all find a way to support each other so that everyone can try and gain a sense of security that we have lost.
Above all PLEASE be safe. I am eager to get back into Malibu but am also apprehensive. I feel very grateful to be on the outside here with Kristin and the Kids.
Those of you here in Malibu know that the east side of our city is really in good shape. That means the Hut is fine… so let’s make our Hut a centerpiece of support for everyone. We will figure out what that actually looks like in the days to come. Please keep looking at our public and private Pages for Info

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