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Thursday 181101 OHS & BMU WOD

Imagine my surprise a few days ago when in setting up for the 4pm WOD, which included Turkish Get Ups, two athletes showed up at the Hut to drop in for the workout. And they were Turkish. Like… from TURKEY! Kismet, indeed (a Turkish word, by the way.)

As you might remember, that 20 minute AMRAP also included some rowing… and of course, Eralp and Ogeday, our visitors from Unbroken Strength and Conditioning in Istanbul, were previously members of Turkey’s National Crew Team. Yes, rowing!

They also confirmed that referring to this movement as a “Turkish Get Up” is historically correct, as this is a strength movement that both wrestlers and soldiers in Turkey have employed in their training.

Ogeday performs the eponymous movement from his homeland!

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
For time, complete:
50/35kg overhead squats, 25 reps
20 bar muscle ups
Overhead squats, 15 reps
10 bar muscle ups
Post time, load, and scaling

Thursday’s 5pm Open Training Hour

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