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Wednesday 181031 Deadlift for Volume 5×3

Join us in congratulating Victor in his STRONG finish in his first Spartan Race two weeks ago! He signed up for a number of obstacle course events one sleepless night while searching the web. I’m not saying that you should feel guilty… BUT while you are up late swiping left and right he is seeking out ways to put his fitness to the test! Way to go Victor!

And he didn’t merely sign up and DO a Spartan Race… he signed up for Heat 1 on Saturday! You experienced racers know this as the Elite Heat. It is reserved for those athletes who are EXPECTING to place very high… and want no part of the teeming masses who are HOPING to finish. The competitors RACE the course with an expectation that they will crush every obstacle and likely receive ZERO burpee penalties (for not completing an obstacle). When the mud settled in his first outing, Victor placed 28th out of a field of 45 elite racers… and was 35th place overall out of 534 competitors. This means he was in about the top 6% of the race as a whole and only 7 non-elite competitors bested his time. That means HE TRULY BELONGED IN THE ELITE HEAT!

This coming Saturday morning Victor will be racing in a Tough Mudder at a 10 mile distance. Kate and Edwin– along with other friends- will also be representing the Hut in this race. It was something that they put on the schedule about the same time they joined us here doing CrossFit.

Victor is nice and neat- Canadian style- before the race… not so sure he kept that white shirt so clean throughout!

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
3-3-3-3-3, for volume
Post number of rounds at heaviest load

Wednesday’s 5pm Specialty Session-Olympic weightlifting
Full squat clean and jerks is the focus movement today.

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