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Thursday 180809 Four Rounder

Thanks to Monika for sending is this write up with some reasons about WHY CrossFit Malibu has been her “go to” workout for the last 2+ years. Thanks Monika!
Clients often ask me what’s the best diet, what’s the best workout. Well, the best diet requires a change of habits and lifestyle, tailored to your schedule and needs. The best workout is the one you enjoy. Advising my clients to do physical exercise is a part of my work so I wanted to know what’s out there. Therefore I went on a journey to try different workouts to see what what right for me.
I did the gym thing, Pilates and Yoga before CrossFit. While I do like Yoga and Pilates, the gym and personal trainer did not do it for me. I checked out classes at our local Tennis & Swim Center, which we have had a membership at for years. I took classes called Tabata and Cardio Lift. When I got there, I was told to grab some weights (no instructions on how heavy they should be), a step, and some round thing to put your feet on to slide. Then we started. I was so busy the whole hour to get the movements right and exchanging weights.
I didn’t have the time or ability to concentrate on movement mechanics- all those thing we learn at CrossFit, so you do not hurt yourself while trying to get in shape. Maybe I would have eventually got the hang of it if I would go often enough, but by the time I had the routine figured out, I would be bored because it repeats itself over and over again, every time the class meets.
Doing CrossFit, we warm up according to the workout we have to face. I can mentally prepare myself because the workout has a visual beginning and an ending. I “know exactly” what I’m going to do. The workout is be tailored to the individuals’ physical and mental abilities. CrossFit meets you where you at, you do not have to try to keep up with the group, you will get there in your own good timing. CrossFit is like personal training in a group setting, where you are supported to reach your goals. And don’t forget all of the friendly faces.. no matter how early in the day it is, there is a bunch of happy people on the journey to better health. What else could you ask for?!
Thanks Monika for telling us your story!
Check out all the personal records for July… TONS, what a month!

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
4 rounds for time of:
500-meter row
15 DB thrusters 45/30#
1 rope climb “double-up”= from seated-roof-seated and repeat
Post time, load, and scaling

Thursday 5pm Open Training Hour

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