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Friday 180601 Sumo Deadlift Heavy Day

Another month… and lots of PRs! Congrats if your name is up on the board with one of these accomplishments for the month of May. If you take a look at the list below- the tendency is that for every PR possibility that came up in May during group classes- there are usually about 4-5 athletes who set a new record. Then there are always a number of one-offs: typically people who come in to test something during open training hour or tried something between sessions (*like Dr Jo and Andy’s TTB and Jordan’s muscle ups) or an athlete who retested baseline after completing Elements (*Anthony dropped about 16% from his pre-test).

It is always a bit sad when a “compare-to” WOD comes up during group classes and someone KNOWS they have done it previously but either didn’t write it down OR didn’t get enough details to go for a PR. So Sad 🙂 So get your WODs written down! Work hard, track progress, have tangible PROOF that you are making improvements!

Parking Advisory for next week:
The City is grinding and paving our quaint section of Cross Creek Road from Monday-Thursday of next week. All actual work will be done overnight- between the hours of 9pm and 5am. Only time and experience will tell what the situation will be like on Monday morning between 6am and 7pm. Consider parking with Pam and Andy out on Cross Creek south of Civic Center Way and warming up by jogging back to the Hut and having a relaxing stroll for cool down as you head back after your session!

Personal records for the month of May. Get your name up here next month!

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 3 and 5pm
Sumo deadlift
Post heaviest 5 rep load
A Finisher

Friday 4pm Open Training Hour

8:15am Virtuosity Squat Workshop (RSVP only)
9:30am BIG WOD

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