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Tuesday 180522 OHS and Hang Squat Snatch

Many people who come to CrossFit have not spent much time “under a loaded barbell” even though most newcomers’ response to the question, “have you ever done any barbell training?” is a hesitant, well, yes I have done some weight lifting before.”  Now, YOU and I know that the REAL answer to this question is almost categorically, nope, never, not at all, unless you are talking about dumbbells or the leg press machine.”  But in the newcomers’ defense, barbell training has been relegated to meat-head gyms.  Thanks in large part to CrossFit- barbell lifting has become part of a mass movement in practicing the olympic and power lifts.  It has also started an understanding of how strength training is a critical part of fitness and health for the regular person- as it is for the sports specific athlete.  It often takes months or even some years to REALLY feel the physicality of lifting heavy.  To internalize the effort and struggle- both mental and physical.

Here is an excerpt I received in an email from one of our lifters after the barbell WOD on Friday, “I am still riding the high from that lift this morning!  I had never experienced that overwhelming rush you get from lifting your maximum.  It was exhilarating and all-consuming to the point where my eyes actually welled up with tears.  I will not forget the feeling I had at that moment when I knew I had it!”   I know that you CrossFit Malibu veterans truly understand this feeling. It can be described and explained, but only REALLY understood via experience.  And that experience happens most thoroughly after some months practice once mechanics have been learned and done kinesthetic awareness of the lifts have been realized. Results come fast… but the longest lasting rewards begin after one lays a good foundation and then painstakingly builds upon it

Eric knows the feeling… and continues to set solid foundation!

Tuesday’s WOD 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Overhead squat from rack
10 minutes work up to a heavy 3 rep set
Post 3 rep load
Hang squat snatch
Post load and number of sets at that load

Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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