We have LOTs of outdoor workout space

Wednesday 180509 Snatch, 3 Rep

This fortune was found on the ground right in front of the Hut a few days ago.  Now it hangs on the chalkboard over the sign-in iPad- appropriately placed for YOU to read everyday when you log in to class. And I have the utmost confidence that the message holds true for ANY CrossFit Malibu athlete who reads it. That’s because the vital element that exists in YOU that is responsible for you taking control of your health and fitness is the same material that got you to where you are today: in positions of service, responsibility, and leadership at home, at work, and in other communities in which you belong. This intangible piece of YOU that you rely on for discipline and motivation is a thread that is woven through every aspect of your life. Take inventory of when you tap into that source. Notice when you feel separated from it. Strive to be connected with it more often than not. And perhaps most importantly, use it to assist others in any and every way possible. That will keep you as close to that element as ever. A positive feedback loop which rewards us all.  Keep it up!

PS- for those of you who think that it is ironic that we’ve found inspiration from Panda Express… consider the fact that they sponsored the 2009 CrossFit Games and had a booth at the The Ranch the entire weekend? They were early adopters for sure!

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Post number of sets at heaviest load
Compare to recent 1RM- Nov 30 2017, May 9 2017… check your PR on the whiteboard

Wednesday 5pm Specialty Class- Underground Strength

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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