We have LOTs of outdoor workout space

Friday 180504 ROWx10!

All out power, stamina, & endurance… 10 rounds. All grit, not so sexy. But the results will speak for themselves. Once again I find myself saying – this is so simple you could do it on your own – but you will not do it on your own! This is the type of training where 99% of humanity needs the community of support In order to complete. You want to do better next year in the open – do this workout. You want an adrenaline rush that last for hours – do this workout. Do you want elevated metabolism for the rest of the day – do this work out. But you can’t row and hold someone’s hand at the same time… You’ve got to sit down, drive those legs, and repeat. Get it done!

Fifteen measly minutes of handstand workshop on Wednesday. This begins your walk with inverted ambulation. Now practice!

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 3 and 5pm
10 rounds for time of:
Row 1:30/1:45 pace for as long as possible
Rest exactly 1 minute- record distance traveled in each round
Post TOTAL distance traveled across all 10 rounds

Friday 4pm Open Training Hour

Saturday 9:30am BIG WOD

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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For those looking for one-on-one instruction to break new ground


For those looking for motivation in
a community setting

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