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Wednesday 180418 MedBallClean and Push Jerks

The only thing you need to do today is jump and land. In both movements… jump and land. Drive the feet against the ground with as much power as possible- a simple definition of a jump. From the set up position in your clean today- drive against the ground creating as much speed until the hips are fully extended. Moving a load as fast as you can defines production of power. Then simply pull yourself into the landing position in the bottom of the squat. A medicine ball clean is a simple jump and land.

With a barbell on your front rack… jump and land. The dip in a push jerk is a countermovement that utilizes the stretch-shortening cycle- a spring-like mechanism responsible for preparing the muscles to generate energy that drives more power into the bar when the jump occurs. From a few inches into the dip (the recoil) followed by the drive (fire!)… you have a jump. Once those hips fully extend and drive energy into the bar… land. The total range of movement is much less than in the med ball clean- but the principles are the same. Big jump, rapid and solid landing. 100 times for the light cleans and 25 times for the heavy jerks… jump and land, jump and land.

Gaby gets in some sledge work during a modified assault banger WOD during underground strength class last week.

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, and 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
For time:
20/14# medicine-ball cleans, 50 reps
70/55kg push jerks, 25 reps
20/14# medicine-ball cleans, 50 reps

Wednesday 5pm Specialty Session- Underground Strength

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