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Tuesday 180410 800m Run Sandwich Chipper

Do your parents even CrossFit? When people experience success with something- it is typical to want to share it with others. When I started CrossFit I subjected many coworkers to lengthy diatribes about how, why, when, and where they should start doing CrossFit and why it would be just the thing for them. As you well know- these types of evangelistic attempts do not always go over well. Nowadays I try and be an example for others to follow rather than being a walking/talking billboard. Of course- I do wear CrossFit Malibu shirts often hoping someone will strike up a conversation with me about it (that still makes me a walking/running/lifting billboard!)- because then they are fair game! But other than that- I rarely offer up my opinions to people unless they ask for it. I wonder what the conversation was like with Pam and her parents, Kris and Humberto, that culminated in their participation at CrossFit Purgatory in Tucson, Arizona?!

A few words of risk management to remind you all: there is a lot of construction and therefore traffic all around the Cross Creek and Civic Center Way area. With all of the new building- this will likely get worse before it gets better. While coaches will help you decide which 800m course to run based on present conditions, ultimately it is necessary for you to use your own best judgment when running on both city and private roads. STAY AWARE and make good decisions by choosing to STOP or by getting completely out of the way if cars, construction equipment, delivery trucks and/or forklifts are blocking your path. Do not speed up or attempt to quickly make it through… be safe!

Humberto, Kris, and their daughter Pam (front row from left to right) and Monday’s 9am gang in a post-WOD pic- great to meet you both!

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
For time, complete:
800m run
60 push ups
40 toes to bar
20 front squats (70/55kg)- from ground
800m run
Post time and load

Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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