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Thursday 180405 Heavy Triplet

These three movements appeared in Open WOD 17.4 and 16.4 as a WOD know as “55.”  We didn’t see a repeat of “55” in this year’s Open- in fact we didn’t see wall ball shots at all this time around- but we did do lots of heavy deadlifts and has some considerable time on the rower in 18.1. Today we run the first 3/4 of Open WOD 17.4 and 16.4 but instead of an AMRAP- we present it with 6 rounds for time… and make no mistake about it- this is going to be tough one! In place of a mere 55 reps each- if you do this one Rx, you will complete 60 deadlifts, 90 wall ball shots, and 120 calories on the rower. Of course, you will adjust the load based on the large volume… let’s see how it goes!

Bonnie, Dr Jo, and Biggz get make it through five rounds- each in their own way.

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
6 rounds for time of:
10 deadlifts (100/70kg)
15 wall ball shots
20 cal row
Post time and loads to chalkboard/journals

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