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Wednesday 180321 Cleans and New Burpees

Today’s WOD features a novel burpee movement. It is predicated on a surfing take off and definitely has some applicable transfer in learning to surf. OR if you already are proficient…. what about learning how to take off with the opposite foot forward! Well, regardless of your current ability to drop in on Zuma’s top-to-bottoms- you will practice the pop up 90 times today… and, of course, mix them up with some power cleans.

Think about the “hover” we practice in the bottom of a push up- hands pressed into the ground placed roughly under/just outside of the shoulders. You have just paddled for a wave and feel the swell start to pull up along with it. You set tension in the midline and push away from the ground (surfboard) aggressively while popping the feet under your center of gravity- one foot forward and the other foot back. On a real board and a real wave at Zuma- this movement has to be completely IMMEDIATELY. There is no time for hesitation… no time to arch up into a cobra position before sliding the feet up and under the body. On a slow roller, cruising on a longboard at Surfrider you can get away with this… but remember, we are also doing CrossFit- so we aren’t practicing slow, stylish first point maneuvers. We are working on our short board, late take-offs at Drainpipes. Since we are working on both sides- regulars and goofy-foots will both practice taking off on the dominant AND non-dominant sides.

And if you still have no clue how a “surf pop-up bar over burpee” is going to be done in today’s workout- then you are just going to have to show up and find out!

Joanna maintains rigid neutral spine while working on hip extensions- a key step in the process of a strong core. Pure hip extension- no movement in the spine at all.

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7 and 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
21-15-9 reps per round for time of:
Power clean (60/45kg)
Surf pop-up bar over burpee
Post time and load to chalkboard/journals

Wednesday 5pm Specialty Session- Natural Movementt

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