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Friday 180216 Front Squat and One Mile Run

Lots of variety across the week- from tabata barbell into muscle ups and a “long” run, midweek with squat clean thrusters, rope climbs and handstand push ups and today a mile time trial after some heaviness in some squats. Last week Saturday our 9am talk was focused on the topic of functional movement and why we do it… our next group chat will focus on the other two pillars of “What Is CrossFit”: high intensity and constant variance. Stay tuned for the next episode.

Speaking of CrossFit theory and practice: this coming weekend Mikaela will be attending her CrossFit Level 1 seminar. She has been interning this past school year and this next milestone moves her another step along the line in the process of teaching CrossFit classes. Her weekend will be comprised of many lectures on “why we do what we do” in addition to a heavy dose of practical training that includes the Nine Fundamental Movements as well as other CrossFit staples. There are training sessions across the 2 days and her experience will end with the Level 1 exam. Best of luck Mikaela- have fun!

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 3 and 5pm
Front squat
Post 3 loads for the 5/3/1 rep sets and mile run time to chalkboard/journals
Run one mile for time
Post one mile run time (or 2k row) to chalkboard/journals/PR board!

Friday 4pm Open Training Hour

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