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Wednesday 171213 Bench Press

Here is a riddle for you: what is something we don’t do very often, but when we do… everyone has a great time? Look down at the bottom for your answer.

Yup it is the good old bench press. Decried as a ‘non-functional’ exercise in some fitness circles yet held sacred in the football weight room and professional football combine. In the sport of powerlifting this event is a full one-third of the entire sport… along with the deadlift and back squat.

While you might not ever find yourself on your back under a heavy load there is still plenty of strength transfer that is gained in the bench press. CrossFit defines the most critical aspect of functional movement as the ability to “move large loads long distances quickly.” So while a clean or snatch moves heavier loads further and faster than a bench press, it is still a movement that can helpful in generating pushing strength and power. Think of a football linemen’s horizontal pressing movements on both offensive and defensive sides of the lines. And the muscular strength and endurance of the press is directly transferable to the push up… a very basic bodyweight movement that is a cornerstone of human movement (as evidenced by the burpee:)

So get in here, get under the bar… and go heavier!

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Bench press
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