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Wednesday 171206 Back Squats and TGUs

You might have noticed there was a change in the programming for the week… and Wednesday’s strength work was shifted to Tuesday. Due to the poor air quality- the not so subtle blend of smoke and dust permeating the region- it would have been silly to do high cardiorespiratory training throughout the day. So we moved the pressing work over to Tuesday.

We are still planning on doing the Tabata session at some point in coming days... but with so much particulate matter in the air (which seems very likely to be around for a while) that day will not be today. Instead we detour with a training protocol that makes sense for these unfortunate fire situations going on around us. Please show up… and be ready and willing to tango with these alterations in the training schedule… unknown and unknowable.

Thoughts and prayers go out to people and animals who have been affected by the fires… and to those braving the conditions to fight the battle to extinguish the blazes in So Cal. Be safe out there.

In Point Dume Sprint Triathlon News… of course we will continue to monitor the fire conditions over the next few days to ensure that a sprint race makes sense given the current conditions.

Looking out onto the Yard… gusty and dusty… but keep getting in here!

Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 6pm
Back squat
Turkish Get up
1 rep each side between working sets
Post heaviest 5 rep and 3 rep back squat loads and biggest TGU load to chalkboard/journals

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