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Friday 171117 One Mile Elizabeth

You have probably already noticed all of the traffic on our section of Cross Creek Road… more construction on the city-wide commercial sewage project and maybe even a beginning to the Whole Foods in the Park project (but that is just a guess). There is limited parking in the Yard and on Cross Creek for a few weeks. Please pay particular attention to where you park in the Yard- it MUST be in the dirt and not on any paved area.

Some suggestions for you regarding parking. If you are attending the 7 or 9am classes try parking on Cross Creek Road or Civic Center Way in the area of the Country Mart rather than in our Yard. You could jog to the Hut for part of your warm up- or walk through the hardware store instead of navigating all of the one-way traffic. If you are attending the 4, 5, 6pm sessions- the construction is usually done by then, so you will probably be fine in the afternoons.

That brings us to the WOD for today. The initial intention is to squeeze a mile run into “Elizabeth”- but there is simply too much traffic to deal with on Cross Creek Road- so morning sessions row 2,000m or bike 2.4 miles amidst the squat cleans and ring dips. Afternoon sessions run if the coast is clear.

Patricia, Deb, Pam, Dr Jo, Cass show some of their performance accomplishments from the last Whole Life Challenge/Whole 60. Join us in January for the next installment.

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 3 and 5pm
One Mile Elizabeth
21 squat cleans (61/43kg)
21 ring dips
800m run
15 squat cleans
15 ring dips
800m run
9 squat cleans
9 ring dips
Post time and load to chalkboard/journal
Compare to: May 3 2016… this is really only for scaling and pacing purposes only, as the mile of running will alter this WOD immensely.

Saturday Sessions
7:30am Triathlon Training Team Practice
9:30am BIG WOD at the Hut

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