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Tuesday 171031 “Fran”

Happy Halloween…but don’t let Fran scare you. The last time “Fran” was programmed- back in July (see full list of compare dates below) the goal was to use the same scaling as the most recent attempt. Today the focus is to finish in 5 minutes or less. Take a look at your last effort- the weight of the barbell, type of pull up, and the time finished. If you went Rx and did it in 6 minutes or less. Repeat it Rx… beat your previous best. If it took you more than 6 minutes- consider a slightly lighter load and maybe even a pull up modification that will allow you to push harder with fewer breaks so that you can finish in under 5 minutes. So this means- as an example- even if you went Rx and completed the WOD in 10 minutes- today you will be scaling in some way.

This manner of adjusting variables in a workout is known as “time-domain driven scaling.” It is done as a way to maintain a high level of power output, particularly for those who need to adjust load or movements in the workout so that there is less rest during the WOD.  Less rest = faster finish time = (roughly speaking) higher power output. This isn’t the ONLY way to adjust a workout… but it is ONE METHOD to help you increase your ability to increase your intensity during a workout. Try it out.

Kathy driving some power cleans from the hang… she PR’d some barbell work this month.

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
21-15-9 reps/round for time of:
Thrusters (43/30kg)
Pull ups
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals.
Compare to: July 21 2017, “Fran 55” on May 17 2017, April 19 2017, July 22 2016, May 18 2016, October 8 2015, September 25 2014, April 1 2014, Feb 21 2014, October 29 2013, May 24 2013, Dec 31 2012, May 21 2012, Aug 11 2011, Dec 28 2010, Aug 30 2010, July 13 2010, Feb 12 2010, Dec 2 2009

Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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