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Friday 171027 Rope Climbs then a Triplet

For the past week, Whole Life Challenge participants have been spending at least 10 minutes daily of doing nothing. Yes, this week’s lifestyle practice is actually focused on nothing- specifically doing nothing- for a minimum of 10 minutes each day. No phone, no music, no sleeping- not even meditation is allowed. Just relaxing, and not doing anything at all.  In practicing this over the past week I have found that it has been a great time to process. Not actually thinking about anything or reflecting on something particular (that isn’t allowed- because that is doing SOMETHING!)- but by just sitting there with no purpose- ideas, thoughts, and insights have passively entered my mind. I have suddenly recalled things I was actively trying to remember earlier in the day. I have had interesting solutions emerge to problems I was trying to solve, I have thought about people who I have not considered in a long time. So with zero goal of accomplishing anything- there were definitely benefits for me to taking the time to sit still and just do nothing for 10 minutes daily. Try it for a few days in a row– let us know how it goes!

Joshua is back with us after almost a year away… he just relocated to Malibu and is spending ALL of this feet time at the Hut- well a few hours each week anyway!

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 3 and 5pm
Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes of:
Legless rope climb, 1 rep
Post number of reps (and modification) completed within the ten minute time cap
Four rounds for time of:
8 DB push press (50/35#)
4×8 ft DB walking lunge (same DB as above)
32 air squats
Post time and load to chalkboard/journals

Friday 4pm Open Training Hour**
NOW OPEN on Fridays at 4pm -we will test it out for a while to see how it goes

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