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Tuesday 171017 Run, WB, Box

As stated a number of days ago… each week thru Dec 9th we will feature at least one “running-centric” WOD with the focus on the Point Dume Sprint Triathlon/CFM 5km run. And today is that very running WOD! Three runs of decreasing length, punctuated by some wall ball shots and box jumps. Just the recipe to cook those legs for the next run! Again, when you are trying to work on running endurance, do not use the run as rest. Instead, focus on small pieces of speed during the run to maintain a solid pace. One method is thinking in terms of a Tabata Set- which is 20 seconds “on” and 10 seconds “off.” The way to utilize that method today is to get out on Cross Creek and surge into a good running cadence for about 20 seconds. Then back off a bit for 10 seconds. NOT to a jogging pace, but to the level where you can get your breathing back under control and ready for the next 20 seconds of “ON.”  Seven to nine rounds of this and your 800m run is dust. Repeat for the 600 and 400m bouts. Try this technique today… it is one of MANY that can be used to focus on using the run as a way to finish a workout faster.

Today during the 4pm class we will host a videographer from Reason Magazine. They are doing a piece that reflects CrossFit’s critical analysis of the US government’s most recent exercise standards. CFM athlete and Pepperdine sports med professor, Holden MacRae PhD, has co-written a paper with CrossFit HQ staff member, Russ Greene that picks apart the current physical activity standards and provides recommendations on how they can be significantly improved (**cough-CrossFit-cough**). TODAY the Physical Activity Advisory Committee convenes for the first of 4 days of PUBLIC meetings and it seems as though CrossFit staff members were not allowed to participate! (correction/addition: anyone in the public, including Hq, were allowed to attend the meeting, but Russ Greene submitted a request to speak/address the committee but his request was denied.)

Consider attending the 4pm class today- we would like to have CrossFit Malibu athletes training as a backdrop for the video. 

Mikaela reps through some thrusters in last week’s Hero WOD, “Artie”

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
For time, complete:
800m run
50 wall ball shots (20/14#)
50 box jumps (24/20″)
600m run
35 wall ball shots
35 box jumps
400m run
20 wall ball shots
20 box jumps
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals

Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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