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Thursday 171012 Shoulder Press 3RM +

Take a look at Dr. Jo in the photograph below. The picture on the left represents a technically sound deadlift set up position. The picture on the right she is in the bottom of a Romanian deadlift (RDL), with solid positioning. In yesterday’s classes we practiced both lifts so that during the high repetition deadlift met-con you were able to feel when you were lifting with a high-hip position (Romanian) instead of a standard deadlift. The reason that makes a difference is because of this:

Do you have REALLY REALLY sore hamstrings today? That’s why. 

Lifting loads from the floor with an elevated hip (at the level of the shoulders- like Dr Jo on the right) is less mechanically efficient than the demo on the left. It’s not dangerous- it’s just not as strong. The standard deadlift involves more quadriceps than does the Romanian- a lift that relies almost entirely on the posterior chain (hamstring and lower back). The conventional deadlift istherefore stronger than the RDL. When athletes go high rep with deadlifts, the tendency is to lift with the high hip- because it is faster.  Relatively heavy load + speed = high power output. Spread that over musculature that is less strong with lots of negatives (eccentric muscle contraction) and you’ve got yourself some delayed onset muscle soreness in those hammies.

Thanks for demonstrating these lifts Dr Jo. How are your hammies today?

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Shoulder press
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