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Wednesday 171004 Heavy Thrusters

Many CrossFit Malibuites are making their way through the Whole 30... and are about 3 weeks into the process. Ask just about all of them and they will tell you that there was a real experience of detoxing from sugar… actual withdrawal from the grip of a chemical “that stimulates the same pleasure centers in the brain that respond to cocaine and heroine… literally an addictive drug,” reports Rich Cohen, author of the August 2013 National Geographic article entitled Sugar Love. 

I wouldn’t say I am a true collector of old National Geographic magazines– but I do keep about 8-9 of my favorite editions from past decades on the lower level of a coffee table in our office. Among them is the May 1966 cover article California complete with a full map of the state and a 1988 issue which includes the Honey Hunters of Nepal. The most recent in my archives is the cover featuring a picture of a cupcake that is entitled Sugar: Why We Can’t Resist It. The article is a MUST READ for anyone who has either kicked or is trying to kick the sugar addiction. Or for anyone who knows and loves a sugar-holic (and that covers 100% of everyone!) It begins with a history of sugar from the Arab world and traces it through slavery and into our current issue with its role in metabolic syndrome.  Read the full article here.  In brief:

  • The problem with sugar “has nothing to do with its calories, “says endocrinologist Richard Lustig of the University of California, San Francisco. “Sugar is a poison by itself when consumed at high doses.”
  • “It seems like every time I study an illness and trace a path to the first cause, I find my way back to sugar,” says nephrologist Richard Johnson at the University of Colorado Denver.

So those of you participating in the Whole 30 and even the Whole Life Challenge- who have successfully gotten through the detox… you are in a small minority. You have accomplished a great deal- and you have your health and fitness to show for it. Congrats and keep it up!

Pam gets deep as she practices a movement new to her… the back squat.

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