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Tuesday 170926 Run and KB Swings

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Today’s couplet, a run and KB swing combo consists of a total of 1,800m over land (just over a mile) and 99 KB swings (just so you couldn’t complain about doing A HUNDRED swings in one WOD! Please do not look at the total number of reps and simply default to a light kettlebell. Today, the preference is to go a bit heavier and work through each of three sets, getting in as many as you can- then take a short break- before finishing the rest. To move down the pathway to more strength and power… you have to try out something that’s heavier than you usually use. Today is that day! For the run- take some pieces of road and push- or surge- your pace. Go a bit faster than makes you comfortable and then ease off after about 15-20 seconds. Use this tactic for the entire run. The run is NOT to take a rest… but it is an opportunity to help you increase your speed. Push that pace!
You might not realize this BUT… today’s WOD is focused at developing a solid base in a triathlon training program. To be fair- our ENTIRE training program at CrossFit Malibu has already taken you well on your way towards developing a broad foundation of fitness that will propel you through the swim, bike, run of a triathlon. And that is why it is SO simple for you all to supplement your CrossFit training with a few “event-specific” training sessions to be totally prepared to take on the Point Dume Sprint Triathlon on December 9th.  See the fliers on the chalkboard for more information.
Mary Ann definitely brings the intensity on a daily basis- these jerks were no exception
Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
For time, complete:
800m run
22 KB swings (USA 24/18kg)
600m run
33 KB swings
400m run
44 KB swings
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals
Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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