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Friday 170915 Baseline and Push Press, 2RM

Next week Wednesday September 20th- CrossFit HQ will send us our “competition program” for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This will also occur on the following Wednesday, September 27th as well. “What is going on?!” You might be asking yourself.

This is the Team Series- a worldwide team competition that CrossFit HQ produces every year. We have always fielded a 4 person team- which Kolby has captained. This year the Team Series is open to teams of 2 people- mixed or same gender teams. It is as simple as that.. and we will roll it into the daily WODs at CrossFit Malibu. Once we hear the 3-4 WODs- we will create a schedule that places each of the WODs in a logical order- to complete in Thursday, Friday and Saturday classes.

Here are few ways you can “play.”:

  • Simply show up to class each day and do the WODs. Nothing new from what you do each and every week. The WOD will be written up on the blog the night prior. It will be posted on the chalkboard at the Hut. A coach will teach the class and set you up for success. You might partner up for
  • Find a partner you’d like to compete with and coordinate when you will meet each other in class to do the competition WODs in classes OR during the open training hours Thursday at 5pm. If you show up for regular class with your partner, you will be participating in a regularly taught class… but you will be prepared with your partner and LIKELY have an idea of how you will approach the WOD. Essentially, you are creating an informal team and completing the Team Series Off-The-Grid.
  • Sign up for the Team Series with a partner of your choice, complete the WODs in a regular group WOD or during Thursday 5pm open training hour. Those of you at this commitment level might do 2 WOD classes back-to-back or show up for morning AND evening classes on a single day so that you can practice in one session and the perform in the next! Enter your scores on the Team Series/CrossFit Games website just like we do for the Open- and see how you do compared to the rest of the world!

So what do you do now? Just decide how you’d like to approach it- and go with it. If you want to find a partner… get started now. Think of this as a “Partner Open Series”… it is going to be fun! If you are ready to sign up with your partner – click here!

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 3 and 5pm
Part 1-
CrossFit Baseline, For time complete:
500m row
40 air squats
30 butterfly sit ups
20 push ups
10 pull ups
Compare to PR white board time OR Dec 7 2015 OR your first WOD in your journal for most of you!
Part 2-
Push press, 2 reps
Every other minute for 10 minutes
Post 2RM to chalkboard/journal/PR white board
Compare to: June 23 2017 3RM, Feb 28 2017 3RM, Jan 19 5RM, July 20 2016 7×3, May 24 2016 7×3, March 2 2016-5×5, Dec 30 2015-7×3, Dec 12-1RM

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