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Tuesday 170815 Power Clean

So you really liked the bodyweight session yesterday and you are really sore… yet feel good about it. Yes, you actually did mention how sore you are! Get in here today and work through the soreness, the tight muscles, and the fatigue. For those of you who PRd Cindy or even those of you who did it the first time: today might not seem like a PR day for power cleans… but as mentioned earlier, some barbell work will definitely get the blood flowing, muscles relaxing, and energy moving.
What was that? Oh, you DIDN’T make it to Cindy on Monday? Then you are rearing and ready to go. PR power cleans here we come. You might even consider coming back in (or hanging around) for the 5pm open training hour to work on some skills and mobility.
Mikaela adds some weight to her GHD sit ups… increase volume incrementally with these!
Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Power clean
After a long warm up- 3 sets each to hit heavy sets of 5-3-1
Post 5-3-1 to chalkboard/journals and maybe PR board.
Compare to similar rep scheme on June 2 2015
Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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