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Wednesday 170802 Split Jerks and a Couplet

Think back to the month of March… remember we were just coming out of a VERY wet winter? Yet rain did not interfere at all with the CrossFit Malibu Intramural Open- as our 4 teams battled out the CrossFit Open WODs and Puking Rainbows eventually claimed the annual Hall of Fame plaque for this season.

You do know that the Open is the first step that leads to the Games, right? And that the regionals competitions happened all over the world in the month of May in order to find the fittest 5 men and women in each of the 8 regions. This month’s Wednesday 5pm Specialty Class pays tribute to the Regionals as we do one of the Regionals WODs each week for 5 weeks. The WODs are specially chosen across 7 years worth of programming and will feature some of the “fun and interesting” workouts that were set up by Dave Castro himself.  You know the feel of the Open… now get a feel of Regionals.

Then move on to get a feel for the Big Show by educating yourself on the CrossFit Games individual competitor favorites HERE. “The Update Show” goes through all of the big names and some of the other top contenders to discuss who is who in the race for Fittest on Earth. Do your homework (by sitting back passively and watching a 10 minute video) and become an armchair expert on the CrossFit Games. THEN come to the Hut and be a part of the fittest participatory sport in the world… meaning, show up to any scheduled Group WOD.  Yup, you are a part of the Fittest Audience in the World.

This is RRRRREALLY kicking a$$. Putting in the work, even while on vacation back in France. Keep it up Thib!
Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
Split jerk (from rack), 3 reps
some skill work and then:
25 minute limit to set a 3 RM
As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 push ups OR ring push ups
7 back burpees
Post number of total reps to chalkboard
Wednesday REGIONALS WOD- Specialty 5pm
A salute to the CrossFit Games kicking off at the end of the week in Madison, WI

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