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Tuesday 170801 Five Round Triplet

This week is the Reebok CrossFit Games and we are ALL GOING TO MADISON, WI to watch, right? Oh, I guess not. Unlike the last 7 years when we could just drive  down the 405 freeway each day to spectate… This year requires a three or four hour flight a few times zones away. While there are some down sides to having the Games move out of state, I think there are some up sides as well. There are a number of lakes in the Madison downtown area that I’m sure will be well utilized. You might already know that there is a run, swim, run workout.  As much fun as it is to drive down to Hermossa beach and see many non-– ocean athletes have to take on the waves… It will even be more interesting to see the athletes swim on a level playing field, so to speak.  Another benefit of Madison is that the event seems to be set up in a sort of Olympic Village. And when I think back  The 1989 and the Los Angeles Olympic games there was an awesome feel to the Colosseum and the surrounding areas of USC. Getting to watch Carl Lewis when the long job was an amazing sight… Wonder if we will see Katrin Davidsdottir dominate in the same way that Carl did 30 something years ago. CrossFit headquarters has an idea that the games will move around every couple of years and that the event will take on some of the feel of the local area as well as get a chance for people in different parts of the United States, and I think  eventually the world, get to experience this event up close and personal.

Here are instructions on how to watch the ENTIRETY of the Games online with parts of it on CBS/CBS Sports for free!

Personal records set for the month of July… Well done gang, let’s fill it up again in August
Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Five rounds for time of:
20 DB snatch (50/35# alternate each rep)
15 DB goblet squat (same load)
15/10/5 toes to bar (BEST effort for beginners/intermediates- choose your level of reps, max of about 90 seconds spent on TTB is the guideline)
Post time, load, scaling to chalkboard/journals
Tuesday 5pm open training hour

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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