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Friday 170721 “Fran”

It’s the tried and true benchmark workout that has most people thinking, planning, and/or worrying about at least a day or two in advance. Since we have been posting entire week’s WODs in advance every Sunday night, which has been since October 2016, an interesting situation occurs. It’s NOT the most common phenomenon of cherry picking by way of skipping WODs that one DONSN’T want to do… but the exact opposite; making sure they are showing up for a day they really WANT to do! Almost daily someone comes into a group session thinking that they were showing up for a different WOD.
It goes something like this:
Them- “Wasn’t today supposed to be heavy back squats?”
Me- “No that’s coming up tomorrow.”
Them- “Oh…. I was kind of looking forward to heavy back squats”
Me in my head- “I know you do… I also know you don’t like running very much”
Them in their head– “Ugh, I guess I am stuck running today. Wonder if I can sneak out.”
Me aloud– “Don’t try and sneak out of here- this WOD will be good for you. AND you get to come back tomorrow for those heavy back squats!”
This week I counted at least 3 people who thought they were coming in for Fran “today” (Wednesday or Thursday). “No, were are not doing Fran today… that’s coming up on Friday.” Post to comments a continuation of how you think the rest of that dialogue goes!
Friday‘s WOD at 7 and 9am, 3 and 5pm
21-15-9 reps/round for time of:
Thrusters (43/30kg)
Pull ups
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals.
Compare to: “Fran 55” on May 17 2017, April 19 2017, July 22 2016, May 18 2016, October 8 2015, September 25 2014, April 1 2014, Feb 21 2014, October 29 2013, May 24 2013, Dec 31 2012, May 21 2012, Aug 11 2011, Dec 28 2010, Aug 30 2010, July 13 2010, Feb 12 2010, Dec 2 2009

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