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Friday 170714 Back Squat and Partner WOD

Check out the latest Malibu Times where Laurie’s recent world record is featured and we hear from her how her journey came to be.  Lots of great pics as well. This is the first of a few articles on Laurie that you will be seeing.

Check below for additional info on Saturday and Sunday events going on… spend the weekend with CrossFit Malibu!

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and again at 3 and 5pm
Back squat
Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy set of 3 reps
Partner WOD, 10 minute AMRAP
5 burpee toes to bar
Partner does 5 deadlifts at same tempo as partners’ TTB (Toes touch… barbell touches ground for the DL), NEVER drop bar until the 5th BTTB is done. Partners switch places and repeat
Subsequent rounds are the same, but with: front squats, hang power cleans, push press, then start over with deadlifts. All done with a barbell at 50% of heaviest 3 rep back squat.
Post TOTAL number of BTTBs done for the team

Saturday Sessions
8:30am Whole Life Challenge Post-Test WOD… Double Baseline repeat
-this WOD is open to anyone at CFM in addition to the WLC post testers.
9:30am group/partner WOD- Mike

Surf and Sand Sundays- 8:00am at Zuma near tower 14 (more east than where we met last summer) Location will vary a bit from Sunday to Sunday… look for my/others’ cars parked on PCH or in the lot. This is an “no-host activity”… just show up with boards, wetsuit, breakfast, coffee, etc… ready to do whatever you want to do- like surf, swim, paddle, body surf or boogie board.

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