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Tuesday 170711 Power Snatch and a Couplet

Surf and Sand Sundays are back this weekend at 8:00am, Zuma near lifeguard tower 13. Get an early start to the day and spend time on the beach and in the ocean before the madding crowds arrive. The idea is to spend some time together being active and having fun outside the Hut- learning and playing new activities… or just spending time doing what you already love to do. Last year a few to many people showed up each Sunday. Sometimes everyone departed after a few hours, other mornings turned into afternoons! No sign-ups, no commitments, just come when and if you can.

Keep in mind that the exact location will vary a bit from Sunday to Sunday... look for my car and others’ cars parked on PCH or in the lot. This is a “no-host outing”… just show up with boards, wetsuit, breakfast, coffee, etc… ready to do whatever you want to do- like surf, swim, paddle, body surf or boogie board. You could also run, swim or even do burpees in the sand. If you happen to have an extra set of anything at all- from wetsuits to boogie boards- consider bringing to share with others. Usually we will spend some time doing a bit of everything.

Bryce in “contemplation phase” of his next power clean… prepare for lift off.

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Power snatch, 1 rep
20 minutes to work up to a heavy single rep
Post load to journal/chalkboard
For time complete:
70/50# DB snatch, 5 reps (alternate R/L each rep)
24/20″ burpee box jump, 5 reps
70/50# DB snatch, 10 reps
24/20″ burpee box jump, 5 reps
70/50# DB snatch, 15 reps
24/20″ burpee box jump, 5 reps
70/50# DB snatch, 10 reps
24/20″ burpee box jump, 5 reps
70/50# DB snatch, 5 reps
24/20″ burpee box jump, 5 reps
Post load and time to chalkboard/journals

Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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