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Thursday 170706 Nine (9!) Pieces

Read the WOD and then come back up here and begin reading the rest of this write-up.  “I will just do something like this on my own today. I don’t have to bother driving to the Hut and spending an hour there JUST to do this.”

Be honest… this is what you said out loud when you read the workout right? Ok- you actually said this: “Ugh, all that ‘cardio’ where’s the weightlifting?” But back to my prediction.

You looked at it and thought that it was kind of easy- or strange- or not too difficult- or well, “I can just do this with some running instead of the rowing and bike parts.” Well, first of all you won’t do it on your own. And if you DO- then you are just not going to get much out of it. And second of all, if you fight the voice in your head that says something like, “Stay home, don’t go…” then you will be pleasantly surprised with what you discover about your performance, effort, and the benefits you receive as a result of doing this WOD as it was meant to be done: with your fellow athletes at the Hut. Have fun.

Chloe getting up the way is was MEANT to be gotten up.

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
9 Separate Pieces- with rest in between each
1.) 5 reps- max effort broad jump
2.) 500 m row for time
3.) Max effort unbroken push ups
4.) 0.6 mile bike for time
5.) 5 reps- max effort broad jump
6.) 500m row for time- beat last effort
7.) Max effort unbroken push ups
8.) 0.6 mile bike for time
9.) 5 reps- max effort broad jump
Post cumulative time for both bike efforts, both row efforts, and both push up efforts

Thursday 5pm Open Gym

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