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Friday 170602 Row and KB Swing Repeat

Many of you remember spending some weekend mornings out at Zuma with the CrossFit Malibu gang on “Sunday Mornings in the Sand”… as the summer kicks off, we will do a Saturday morning in the sand this coming weekend (June 3rd) at 8:00am.  Nothing formal- just some time in the water swimming, bodysurfing, surfing, and/or bodyboarding. Bring any flotation or water riding devices- and a wetsuit (it is pretty darn cold in the Pacific) and come get wet in the waves. ESPECIALLY those of you who don’t spend any time in the ocean with the excuse of, “I don’t have anyone to go out there with me!”

Following the water time- the Beach WOD begins at 9:30am. Free parking on PCH- or pay to park in the Zuma Lot. We will be just west of Busch Drive on the far side of the mass volleyball court area. We will be in the water right in front of that lifeguard tower and will to the WOD next to that same stand.  See you there… and bring a friend!

Marcia reps out round after round of bar dips yesterday.

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 3 and 5pm
Turkish Get Up Warm up
For time:
Row 1,000/800m
32/24kg Russian KB swings, 25 reps
Row 750/600m
32/24kg Russian KB swings, 35 reps
Row 500/400m
32/24kg Russian KB swings, 45 reps
Post time and load to chalkboard/journals
Compare to July 15, 2016

Saturday- Beach WOD at Zuma
8:00am for Beach Play Morning- for anyone who wants to get in the water- body boards, body surf etc…
9:30am Meeting just north of the “Volleyball Fields” area just past Busch Drive.

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