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Tuesday 170523 Front Squat and Pull ups and HEAVY

Difficult times for Howdy- and yet take a look at the pic below and notice how he has chosen to take on his current task. For those of you who don’t know… this will be something quite harsh for you to read, so prepare yourself. Howdy and his wife Linda are in the midst of spending what could be a many many weeks in court testifying and sitting in the gallery during the murder trial for the man who killed their adult daughter, Gaby, in the summer of 2015. This is challenging and heart breaking enough- but all this takes place in South Africa- far away from their home and support system. Thank God for the support they have garnered in Capetown from the local Camps Bay synagogue and other local businesses, including Cape CrossFit.
For about 2 months before his departure to South Africa, Howdy decided he needed to become even more physical prepared to endure what was coming. He ratcheted down his diet and started hitting the workouts with more focus and determination. The results were noticeable with improvements in strength and body composition. Physical improvements can and do confer mental and emotional benefits and Howdy can attest to this. He has been gone for about 2 weeks now and the trail started May 15th.  It is enduring and painful. He sent this picture a few days ago to show us that he is determined and continues to fight- not just for himself and his extended family- but also to find Justice for Gaby.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Howdy.
Howdy with his hometown coach at Cape CrossFit in Capetown- sent last week.
Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Six rounds of front squat and weighted pull ups, 5 reps each
Every other minute begin another 5 rep set*
5/5-5/5-5/5-5/5-5/5-5/5 for max volume of each
Post number of sets at heaviest load for each movement
Ex: 3 sets of front squats@85kg, 2 sets of pull ups at 45#DB
Squat on minute 0, pull ups on minute 2, squat on minute 4, pull up on minute 6
Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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