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Friday 170519 Push Press & Row

Couplets and triplets, workouts that contain just 2 or 3 movements, are at the center of our training regimen. Training with couplets allows for high power output (high intensity) because once you finish a set of reps with one movement you have the sensation of rest as you move into a complete different movement. The “rest” is really just a sensation- but  you KNOW the relief you feel when you get to switch movements.  That relief goes away as the rep count increases- but relief returns as soon as there is another transition.

This week has been a great example of that focus.  Wednesday we ran a couplet of thrusters and pull ups and today we have rowing and push presses.  Each of these workouts features both a push and a pull… yet in very different ways. The push of Fran mimics the pull in a row, albeit under much heavier circumstances. The pull up is an upper body pull and the push press is an upper body press- both use the lower body, by necessity- but the real failure point will always be the arms/shoulders. By coupling these movements together in a smart way- intensity can be maintained.  And we know that INTENSITY is the independent variable in a training program that offers the greatest rate of return- it gets results.

Push the pace today on the row... don’t treat the rowing like a warm up to some relatively heavy presses. Once that barbell hits the ground after 21, 15, 9… get right into the seat, strap in and GO.  Not as if you’re going to set a 500m PR… but as if every stroke counts.  This couplet intentionally ends on a row.  You KNOW your done and the idea is to really get after the pace on that final 1k!

Unofficial CrossFit Malibu offsite activity at our “home crag” Point Dume State Beach

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and again at 3 and 5pm
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For time:
Push press, 21 reps (65/50kg)
500m row
Push press, 15 reps
750m row
Push press, 9 reps
1000m row
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