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Thursday 170518 Max Effort Triplet

So, what’s your one rep max sumo deadlift high pull?  Did you read the WOD listed below and then start trying to remember when you ever did a 1RM SDLHP?!  Well the answer is probably- never, which is likely a good thing 🙂

But you DO know your 1RM deadlift… and for today’s WOD you will use 70% of that to do max reps of sumo deadlifts (minus the high pull!).  Yes, there will be sufficient time set aside to work this position- as it might be relatively new to you. You also know how to do standing broad jumps but perhaps are new to them used in a metcon.  The distance will be up to you, the general recommendation is to try and go from collar to collar- the length of your barbell grip.  If you are a big jumper- then get out to those bumper plates. Regardless, you should hit the same minimal distance each rep.  Focus on quality jumps rather than messy and many.

As for the push ups… you know how these work. And as you must already know- there is a 200 rep push up WOD coming in 11 days.  What percentage of that can you complete with just 4 minutes? Make an educated guess before the WOD starts… go for it.

what are you doing to work your overhead/shoulder position?

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
12 minutes of max effort in 3 rounds*
1 minute each of :
push ups
sumo deadlifts (70% of 1RM)
bumper to bumper long jumps
2 minutes of each
1 minute of each
Post total number of reps for EACH movement to chalkboard/journals. *same template as two weeks ago Thursday, remember the hang cleans, burpees and toes to bar?

Thursday 5pm Open Training Hour

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