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Tuesday 170516 CFG Regionals WOD ‘16.6

Consider your current health, fitness, wellness regimen. Does it entail anything besides a few trips to the Hut each week?  If the extent of your focus at this point in time is a couple hours of physical training each week-then you are off to a great start. Yes… I used the word, START. There are many other components that comprise fitness. Even more that include health. And even MORE that contain all aspects of life that expand out to wellness.

The physical practice isn’t complete until your movement piece also includes mobility and relaxation/rest. Nutrition obviously plays a key role here- not just in boosting physical performance but in rebuilding and regenerating tissues and restoring hormonal balance.  Food intake encompasses not only the physical realm but plays a huge role in emotional satisfaction- in both beneficial and detrimental ways.

Consider taking another step forward in expanding the boundaries of your physical practice.  This might mean adding another training day to your regimen, starting a mobility practice, and/or look towards setting up some better eating standards.  Improved practices in SOME things tend to bleed over into other areas and that is one way that participation in the Whole Life Challenge has helped CrossFit Malibu athletes find even better results.  Consider an 8 week challenge.  Lucky you… one starts on Saturday!

Some high repetition pulling from last week… Kristin and Peter over on the far wall get in some fun modified reps of the “supine row”.

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
“Inspired by Regionals WOD 2016.6”
For time, complete:
1000m bike (0.6 mile)
100 mountain climbers
10 front squats (80/55kg- no rack)
500m row
50 burpees
5 front squats
Post time and load to chalkboard/journals
-this WOD starts in waves on the bike, every 2 minutes.

Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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