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Wednesday 170503 Barbell Complex AMRAP

With the duration of a typical “cardio workout” combined with the equipment and movements of a classic power and strength training session- we have this bruiser. Twenty five unbroken reps with a moderately light barbell means lots of time under tension.  It also means some rest before subsequent rounds begin.  Use the rest to calm that racing heart, to lower your respiration rate, and to talk yourself out of that dark, dark cave.  This workout is all physical and 100% mental.  You caught that, right?

Yes- your physical being will be taxed somewhere at about rep number 12 of each set… and you’ll only be nearing the half-way point.  This is when your mental muscles are going to need to flex.  All positive thoughts.  Only motivating and uplifting voices going through the brain.  Complete and utter attention focused on finishing the set! Today there is no room for second guessing your ability to finish all 25 reps unbroken. Any questioning of your own resolve to complete the round you are working on is almost fated to dropping the barbell unexpectedly without even remembering how it hit the ground.  Instead, make a mental decision that “this set will go unbroken” and just keep moving.  Little breaks as the body locks out in solid positions and another breath is taken.  But other than that, steady movement and the mind fixed on the goal.

Monika working depth and rack position in her front squat last week.

Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
As many unbroken rounds as possible in 30 minutes with 50/35kg barbell of:
Deadlift 5 reps
Power clean 5 reps
Back squat 5 reps
Shoulder to overhead 5 reps
Front squat 5 reps
Barbell cannot rest on the ground at any time during the 25 rep cycle. Incomplete rounds do not count, if the bar rests on the ground at any point during the round… the round is over, it doesn’t count. No partial credit given. Rest as needed between rounds. Keep the same load for the entire 30 minutes

Wednesday 5pm Specialty for May
Endurance WODs including Row, Run, Bike, and more

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